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Clients are generating turnover in excess of $1M per annum and need guidance with their back office finances and operations. They are focused on growth and do not have time to look after their back office.

Wholesale, Manufacturing, Retail and Professional Services are industries where I have added the most value in the past but I’m not limited to just that.

About us

I solve Cash Puzzles for Start Ups and Small Business making sure they have more money coming IN than going OUT. Lack of Cash is the No 1 reason for small business failures and I’m passionate about helping business owners and CEO’s.

Numbers tell a story about a business, and I like telling stories that shine a light on how a business is operating and how it can do better.

  • Better at collecting money
  • Better at developing supplier relationships
  • Better at not letting cobwebs build up around it’s stock
  • Better at managing expenses

Numbers are not complicated math – most of the key metrics of success can be put on the back of an envelope.

Keep it simple and relatable is my mantra and have a plan/strategy of where you want the business to go and it’s my job to get you there with better business practices.

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