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Over the last 20 years I’ve been totally obsessed with business and how different elements whether present or missing, impact the business’ results. As the saying goes “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. It’s never been truer in the business world.   It’s not your responsibility to know everything as the ‘business owner’ but it is your responsibility to find out.

My experience ranges in a number of different businesses and in a variety of leadership roles.  I have a great passion for ensuring that business owners are able to provide a safe and positive work environment for current and future employees.  This stems from my own negative experience some 25 years ago.  I know the impact this has on the business results as it made over $140,000 difference on the bottom line to the business I took over.

I am an author, coach & trainer and am passionate about helping business owners through one on one coaching, delivering workshops and trainings, my online programs and conference presentations. What lights me up is to help business owners build, improve and grow a successful business which includes a positive workplace culture.

I believe developing and establishing good practice as a business owner is a skill that will repay you tenfold. From your own personal happiness to the privilege of leading a team to success, helping them realise their own full potential, as a leader, there is nothing more rewarding.

My personal “Why” is to “Inspire Positive Influence to enable Happiness”. Whether this be one on one with a client, presenting to a group of leaders at a retreat or conference, parenting with my partner, raising our two children or simply chatting with a girlfriend, I believe that positive influence is the key to ensuring happiness and success for all.

The ‘just cause’ or purpose in my business, is to ensure that “No business owner or staff member is left standing aimlessly, not knowing what to do next! Everyone feels safe in their work environment, confident to make a contribution, boosting their self esteem and overall happiness”.

I’m super passionate about ensuring small businesses gain the same knowledge that benefits large corporations; understanding the key to emerge from struggling to growth and scalability. This is why I have partnered with The Better Business For Good Company as a BB4G Mentor. This joint venture provides my clients with a clear and simple plan utilising the “Business Improvement Programme”. A dashboard technology established by replicating all elements of successful businesses one checklist at a time. This produces so much value to clients because along with the support and guidance required to enable small business owners to navigate their way through difficult times it also enables them emerge with a clearly defined plan and next step system, giving them greater sense of clarity and potential for success.

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